Natural Resources in the Global South – A Blessing or a Curse? Policy Briefing Session. Date: June 18th, 2018. Venue: Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

How can transparency help in transforming natural resource revenues in developing countries into a blessing rather than a curse? Welcome to a briefing to learn about the key results of the Transparency and Accountability in Managing High-Value Natural Resources (TrAcRevenues) project. The briefing will focus on the project’s key findings and their policy implications.

Exploring the Nexus of Natural Resources, Conflict and Peacebuilding. Expert workshop. Date: 11th December 2017. Venue: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland.

The workshop will engage specialists, policy-makers and researchers in a dialogue exploring the natural resources, environment, conflicts and peacebuilding nexus. We will share insights and experiences and devise new initiatives for knowledge development and capacitation of this field in Finland.

2016 Peace and Justice Week and Peace in Action Summit. Date 25th-29th January 2016.
Venue: University of California, Irvine, UCI Student Center

Peace Week at UC Irvine is a student led initiative to build a more compassionate and understanding community by expanding our knowledge on peacebuilding and nonviolent practices in diverse perspectives, whether it be through the lens of an academic or an activist.

Workshop in Political Ecology. Date 26th-27th November 2015.
Venue: Scandic Bergen City Hotel, Håkonsgatan 2.

This workshop explores the concepts of power used in political ecology. We aim to provide insight into the theories of power explicitly or implicitly used in political ecology. We invite papers on relevant research in contexts from all parts of the world.