The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative implementation process

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has become an international hallmark of the efforts to promote better extractive-sector management and improved societal development in natural resource-rich countries. Since its establishment in 2003, a large number of resource-dependent countries have committed to the EITI Standard, and support of the EITI from donors, nongovernmental organizations, and extractive […]

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Has the EITI been a demonstrable success?

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is now a global standard for transparency in extractive sectors, but has the initiative been a demonstrable success?
Blog by Dr Philippe Le Billon

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The Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGA) and Obuasi Town Saga

Obuasi, a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, also known as sikakrom, or the rich city is famous for its gold mining activities. Mining in Obuasi has been going on for over 130 years and the town has been the mining grounds for the Ashanti Goldfields Company (AGC) since 1897. […]

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A Letter from Kumasi, Ghana

I have been in Ghana for 2 months now. It has been hot and dry but in the last two weeks it seems like the Harmattan season is getting to an end with frequent rainfalls, especially in the afternoons. Despite the heat and all other challenges I have been encountering, […]

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Environment and Peace

How to harness natural resources for peacebuilding in post-conflict societies? How to protect the environment during a civil war? How to prevent natural resources from facilitating armed conflict? How to solve tensions over land, water, forest, and sub-soil assets so that they do not escalate to violent disputes? […]

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Researching on the Management and Distribution of Revenues from Gold Mining Activities in Obuasi, (the Golden City) Ghana:

Kasimba`s One-Month Experience and My Thoughts
The Arrival 
For about 8 weeks ago, Kasimba touched the Ghanaian soils to explore the management […]

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Global Inequality fuels revolution: New cross-national evidence of the economic origins of conflict

The further a country’s development falls behind the richest countries, the more likely it is to see protests and even revolutions. That is the central finding of research by Christa Brunnschweiler and Päivi Lujala, to be presented at the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference in Brighton in March 2016. […]

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My Three-Weeks in Ghana`s Ashanti and Eastern Regions

By Sam A. Kasimba, PhD Candidate, NTNU.
Between 29th September and 20th October 2015, I was in Ghana for my preliminary fieldwork with an objective to know more about my chosen study areas. […]

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Note from Transparency workshop

By Siri A. Rustad, Senior Researcher, PRIO.
November 17th the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre hosted a one-day seminar on the extractive industry and conflict prevention. The aim was to “deepening a shared understanding, explore synergies and identify areas for action on how to enhance the role of the extractive industries in promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.” […]

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Korrupsjon og grådighet skal undersøkes

Av Steinar Brandslet, Gemini.
Når utviklingsland får store inntekter fra naturressurser, gir det muligheter, men også problemer. Kan økt åpenhet i forvaltningen bidra til å gjøre naturressurser til en velsignelse snarere enn en forbannelse? En ny, internasjonal undersøkelse vil gi svar. […]

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